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The Linksys Velop Login is the single solution to handle most of the Linksys configurations you’d want to make. Take access to Linksys whole home Mesh WiFi system to experience high and steady internet speed. Linksys Velop tri-band connection gives full-strength Wi-Fi diagonally in your entire home by up to 6,000 sq. ft. Your Linksys Velop Login system is made up of nodes. So when you set up the first node, it becomes a Parent node and the user can add other nodes to enlarge their network.

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Linksys Velop User Guide consists :-

Linksys Velop Model

Why Do We Need a Linksys Velop Whole Wi-Fi Home System?

With the demand of numerous streaming media & smart home devices, the necessity of whole-house Wi-Fi coverage has become a requirement. This is why we can see a number of advanced wireless routers and extenders in the markets these days. These routers and extenders are good and provide good coverage to most of the rooms if you have a medium-sized place. 

But what if you have a larger place? With thick walls, several floors, metal & concrete infrastructures, do these devices able to provide extended coverage? The answer is no, as most of the advanced router and extender provide limited wifi coverage which is not sufficient for larger homes and offices. 

The Linksys WiFi is high-performing modular WiFi mesh system for your complete home and office. It is the best replacement for your outdated router and extenders. It works exactly the same way, you wish your router or extender should work or offer a seamless Wi-Fi experience. This wifi system is loaded with Linksys Velop Login advanced.

Linksys Router Setup via Velop App

Few requirements for Linksys Velop Login App

Did you download Linksys Velop Login App? 

Linksys Velop Login

How to Setup Wired Linksys Velop Mesh WiFi system?

Linksys Velop Mesh Wifi system can be connected through Ethernet cables. Linksys Velop wired setup will increase the range and speed of your network. It will reduce the risk of interference as well.

Below are the simple steps:

  1. The foremost thing that you must do is to set up your primary node using the Linksys Router Login app.
  2. Thereafter, you are required to add the additional Velop node using the instructions on Linksys Router Velop Login app.
  3. After the completion of the setup, you need to move your secondary node to a location where you want to keep it. Connect the Velop node to a nearby electrical outlet.
  4. Take the help of an Ethernet cable to connect the primary node with the secondary node. The node will itself switch to a wired connection.
  5. You can add more nodes by completing their initial setup steps on the Linksys Router Login App and thereafter setting them up to use Ethernet cables.
Know how to Setup a wired Linksys Velop Mesh WiFi system

Wondering How to Add a Node to Existing Linksys Velop Login System?

If yes, then you need to check the availability of the following things before completing the Linksys Velop wired setup.

  • Make sure a node is connected to the modem and router without any internet connection.
  • You must have an updated version of the Linksys Velop Login App.
  • Make sure you have Linksys cloud account
Add Node to Linksys Velop Setup
There’s a lot you can do with your Linksyssmartwifi account, see below:-
  • Block internet with parental controls
  • Find SSID name and password. (Click here)
  • Reset Wi-Fi name & password (Click here
  • You can connect devices to Wi-Fi with WPS & many more other things.


  1. Connect Directly To Velop: If you are not connected to the internet you still can access your Velop system. You need to connect to your Wi-Fi name, launch the Linksys Router Login App, and tap Log in with Admin Password toward the bottom of the screen. You have to be online to access your Linksys Wi-Fi account.
  2. Velop Login admin password (Default credentials): We have created a secure Velop Login admin password during setup. So to change it, you need to tap Velop Login Administration and Change Admin Password and Hint. 
  3. Say NO to restore factory defaults: You are advised not to factory reset your Velop as it’s a very disruptive process. A factory reset your Velop system to the state it goes to the Factory default settings. All settings you have customized in setup and things such as Wi-Fi name, passwords, security type will be erased.
  4. How to reset Velop: Connect your node to power and turn it on, press and hold the Reset button on the bottom. After then the light on top of the node will turn red and fade in pulses. It is recommended to not to release the button until the light goes out and then turns bright red.

Steps for Linksys Velop Setup Bridge Mode

Linksys Bridge Mode setup
With Linksys Velop Setup Bridge Mode, you can add Linksys Velop to your current network. Under the bridge mode, Linksys Velop will not have its own distinct network. Your devices and nodes which are connected to the Linksys Velop, router, and gateway will be on the unchanged network. The devices can also communicate with additional devices inside the same network. Few things to make sure before proceeding:
  • install the latest version of the Velop Login App. Along with the latest Linksys Velop firmware version.
  • Ensure your smartphone on which you are using the Linksys Velop setup app, is connected to local Wi-Fi.
So, let’s see how we make a difference.

Tips:  You can always take assistance for Linksys Velop Login, from our experts.

  • First login to the Linksys Velop dashboard and click on the Icon of Navigation Menu.
  • Next, click on Advanced Settings & then click on the Internet Settings.
  • Here you make a difference by changing the connection type to Bridge Mode.
  • Further on the Velop bridge mode setup, click on the Save button.

For More Velop Bridge mode setup steps, Contact our experts via live chat support to provide you assistance in the Linksys Velop setup.

Tips : Top view the light on the top of your node gives you information about the node’s operation.

  • Blinking blue – It means Node is starting up
  • Solid blue –  It means Node is working great
  • Blinking purple –  It means Node is paired with the phone for setup
  • Solid purple – It means Node is ready for setup
  • Blinking red – It means Node has lost connection to the primary node
  • Solid red – It means Node has lost connection to the internet Solid yellow Node is too far from another node connected to your Velop system

Bottom View:

  • Reset button- Press and hold until the light on top of the node turns red, fades and flashes bright red again to reset the node to its factory defaults.
  • Ethernet ports- Connect Ethernet cables to these Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000) ports and to other wired devices on your network. If you have more than one node in your Velop system, use one of these ports to connect to your modem or modem router.

NOTE– For the best performance, you should use a CAT5e or higher rated cable on the Ethernet port.

  • Power switch- Press | (on) to power on the node.
  • Power port- you need to connect the included AC power adapter to this port.

Linksys Velop Login Dashboard Settings through a Web interface

Linksys Dashboard Settings

Troubleshoot "Unable to Setup Linksys Velop via the web interface?"

If you are also in the same situation, and unable to set up a Linksys node via Linksys Velop App? Below points are meant for you.
  • By using the Velop local Linksys Smart Wi-Fi web interface, Linksys gives the chance to setup Linksys node
  • First, open any web browser for Linksys Velop web Login.
  • After that you need to enter Linksys router default web address, which is http://myrouter.local/.
  • Scroll above to Linksys Router Setup via Velop App check the rest other steps.
NOTE: Still, have confusion? Don’t get panic; you can simply contact our team of the router experts. Take their assistance via Live Chat support available at the bottom right corner of our website.